Mom-Owned Organic Baby and Toddler Food
Cooking Classes, Meal Sales, and Delivery Service

Welcome to Give Peas a Chance! We’re a local, mom-owned business with the goal of helping you feed your child healthy and organic meals from their first puree, through toddlerhood, and beyond! Here’s what we do:

Talk about a guilt-free night out! Our BYOB (that’s bottle, not baby) classes let you enjoy a night out and meet other parents—all while doing something productive for your little one. Parents who take our classes go home with a week’s worth of organic meals and snacks they can stick in the fridge or freezer, as well as the recipes and confidence to recreate the same meals at home. And because we know “short order cook” is not your dinnertime goal, we provide tips on how to turn the baby- and toddler-friendly recipes we create into meals your whole family will love. All you need is to bring yourself. We provide the kitchen, equipment, food containers, and (best of all) the clean up!
 We are the provider of organic muffins, pouches, and baby and toddler meals at various locations around Hoboken.  All baby and toddler food is freshly made then frozen so you can keep in your freezer and defrost at your own convenience. Consider this your reason to never ever serve your kid a frozen chicken nugget. From June through October, we also sell our meals at the Hoboken Family Farmer’s Market. Stop by on a summer Saturday to pick up meals for the whole week! All meals are packaged in biodegradable, compostable, and BPA free packaging.

We are the lunch provider for three daycares within Hoboken. Our daycare meals are 100 percent organic and come with two organic sides. Even when you’re not with your baby, you can have the confidence to know they are eating well! If you’re interested in having your daycare or preschool participate, send us an email!
Wondering what to serve to the children at your child’s 1st birthday? Want something more creative than pizza for your toddler’s big day? We have you covered! Click on the “Birthday Party Catering” Tab to learn more!