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photo-22Suzanne Gallagher
Suzanne is a healthcare consultant and a full time mama to Adeline, born May 9, 2012. One of her passions is traveling and taking cooking classes abroad, even in Adeline’s grandma’s kitchen in Southern France. She is enjoying every minute of baby food making, and is fascinated by how influential foods given as babies can develop a palate for a lifetime.





Nicole Yorio Jurick
Nicole is a freelance writer and editor whose articles on nutrition and health have been featured in a variety of national publications, including: Redbook, Self, Health, Fitness, Shape, Women’s Health, Good Housekeeping, Newsmax, and weightwatchers.com. Her cooking blog, Half Buzzed Hostess, was a top 100 publisher on foodie.com, a subsidiary of Glam Media. An avid cook, Nicole enjoys experimenting with ways to bulk up the nutritional content of dishes and sneak veggies into meals. She lives in Hoboken with her adorable son, loving husband, and patient dog Reeses, whose persistence in waiting for food to drop to the floor is truly unparalleled. She enjoys cooking for company and making mush for her little man—and always begs her husband to do the many dishes she dirties along the way.